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DVD cover -  Six Newell

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Six Newell
2004, ? minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Six Newell is filled with strictly street skating from a gang of skaters who lived together in an old Victorian house in San Francisco. Recognizable faces such as Frank Gerwer, Nate Jones, Matt Milligan, John Barker, Ellissa Steamer, Dave Duren, and Peter Ramondetta all have full parts, while friends Dustin Dolin, Jerry Hsu, Matt Field, etc. have cameos. In addition, there are lots of little clips throughout the video of antics that went on in their gnarly house. The DVD also contains tons of bonus footage of outtakes from the video and skating from back in the late 90's.

Mr. Wonderful January 25, 2005

Tesla once sang a song about Six Newell. It went: "lines, lines, everywhere there's lines." No hammers, no slo-moe's shot from 120 different angles, no Transworld montage. All you are gonna get are good lines from great skaters. Nothing flashy, although Peter Ramondetta's part is pretty gnarly compared to the rest of the guys and girl (no offense Gerwer). Everyone has really good parts, with some spots that I have never seen before. The clips of the hi-jinks in the house are "had to be there" entertaining. It looked like a blast if you were there, but not that funny if sober. Overall, I'd say pick this up if you've dropped out of the pissing contest between the rail jockeys and the one-uppers.

Mr. Wonderful

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
John Barker
Dave Duren
Frank Gerwer
Nathan Jones
Matt Milligan
Peter Ramondetta
Elissa Steamer

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