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VHS cover - H-Street Shackle Me Not

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Shackle Me Not
1988, 60 minutes
Current Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

H-Street's first feature length skate video changed skateboarding not only with its content but also its form. Shackle Me Not is shot entirely with video cameras when skateboard videos were until then shot with film. Mike Ternasky and Tony Magnusson's "living room" editing approach changed the rules of skate video production and ushered in an era where "anyone" could make a skate video. The skating is a mixture of vert, pool and street from a then unknown or just-coming-up group of skaters, many of who are now legendary, such as Danny Way, Ron Allen and Matt Hensley.

OneLoveJamDown January 12, 2003

In a perfect world, every skater would get this video along with his or her first board. Shackle Me Not changed anyone who saw this video back in the day. Along with Streets on Fire, it was one of the most innovative and influential videos of the late eighties. Fast forward to present day and it's still impressive. Just about every trick people do today is in this video, on boards that were usually 9 to 10 inches wide! No crooked grinds because noses were only about three inches long but there is a fakie salad grind on a curb, which could be considered a switch crooked grind. The tricks don't always look pretty, but the creativity the H-Street team had is ample compensation. Shackle Me Not has many immortal segments including: Matt Hensley doing about a billion flat-ground tricks along a sidewalk on the way to get a Squishee, Supersonic Skatecamp, John Sonner, Jeff Petit and Ray Simmonds, Eddie Elguera's pioneering style, Danny Way and T-Mag blasting ramps, not to mention street wizards, Brian Lotti and Ron "The Fly" Allen. This one will make you want to learn or invent a new trick. As Danny Way says, "Anyone can learn anything they want. It's all in your head. You just gotta spend time on it." Time spent watching this video will be rewarded.


Dale Nixon January 19, 2003

This video RULES! I could just watch Hensley's part every day before going skating and get super pumped. He cruises around and does crazy flat ground tricks on a big ass board, scares some dude with a backside powerslide...then he shows off some tech skills, and then talks about his love for junk food. Ron Allen's part is also amazing; he does these one footers where the board goes between his legs. Looks like if he messed that up he'd be hurting pretty bad. At the end you get a young Danny Way ripping up mini ramps. And when I say young I mean prepubescent, but at this age his skill are super impressive. If there’s any downside to the video, it’s the editing. The skating rules but it's put together pretty sloppily. Sometimes it's hard to tell when one dude’s part ends and another one starts, especially with the sound off. Overall, Shackle Me Not is an essential video for anyone that loves skateboarding.

Dale Nixon

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Ron Allen
Jeremy Allyn
Dave Andrecht
Mike Carroll
Eddie "El Gato" Elguera
Richard Ezekiel
Jim Gingery
Art Godoy
Matt Hensley
Carl Hyndman
Ben Job
Darrin Kimura
Jeff Klindt
Tom Knox
Chris Livingston
Brian Lotti
Tony Magnusson
Ryan Monihan
David Nielsen
Steve Ortega
Jeff Pettite
Jason Richardson
Brennand Schoeffel
John Schultes
Ray Simmonds
John Sonner
Dave Sornson
Aaron Vincent
Danny Way

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Shackle Me Not, check out the soundtrack for it.

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