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VHS cover - New Deal Useless Wooden Toys

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Useless Wooden Toys
New Deal
1990, 64 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Out of the ashes of the Schmitt Stix (a side company of Vision) catastrophe, rose the New Deal team and the company, named after a shop in London part owned by Steve Douglas, soon proved to be not only a new deal but the real deal as well. With Useless Wooden Toys, The ND upped the ante yet again. Street, street and some vert highlight this video with footage by current Toy Machine man Ed Templeton doing a variety of kinked rail variations, Danny Sargent with hill bombing anarchy and Justin Girard entertaining the campers at Woodward with a street course slaying. Expect to also see some ams and Neal Hendrix tearing the vert ramp with lip trick variations a-plenty.

Crazy J October 30, 2003

While not the best edited thing on the planet, Useless Wooden Toys does what all the best skate videos should: make you want to go skate. The creative use of terrain and raw, unique soundtrack just make the video better each time you watch it and definitely will make you a more creative skater in your own neighborhood. Plus, watching a skateboard tumble into a river is always priceless.

Crazy J

OneLoveJamDown January 12, 2004

Useless Wooden Toys is nostalgia for those who were there and good history for those who weren't. You'll witness square tails, plastic rails and nary a low-top sneaker in sight. Most of the team has similar styles which is not a bad thing but with so many skaters, the video is sometimes repetitive: lots of shove-its and sex changes out of tricks, one-footers and bluntslides. Some of the tricks that stand out are Ali Mills' nollie flip (surely a mind-blower back in 1992), Rick Ibaseta's kickflip backside tailslide (also a rare bird back then), Armando Barajos' one-footer out of a bluntslide on a ledge (holla!), and Justin Girard's back-lip to back tailslide (what?!). If you have the opportunity to check out a New Deal video, I'd have to recommend this one over any of the others.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Armando Barajas
Tim Brauch
Steve Douglas
John Duff
Brent Fellows
Justin Girard
Anthony Hall
Chris Hall
Anthony Hancock
Neil Hendrix
Andy Howell
Rick Ibaseta
Ron Knigge
Ali Mills
John Montesi
Andrew Morrison
Joe Ryckebosch
Doug Saenz
Danny Sargent
Nick Tancraitor
Thomas Taylor
Ed Templeton
Paul Zitzer

Also Appearing:
Gorm Boberg
Simon Evans
Johnny Schilleref

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Useless Wooden Toys, check out the soundtrack for it.

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