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VHS cover - Think Dedication

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1998, 26 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Dedication is a straightforward video. The skating is distributed over street, pools, vert, mini, and parks, with slams and goofy shit saved for the end. The meaty middle, packed with stunts for 20 minutes, flows consistently without stopping for unnecessary clips from movies, or middle finger shots. Dedication has old tricks (360 ollies), newer tricks (kickflip tailslides), and unique junk too (a one-foot noseblunt). The audio is fast rock-n-roll, but Tim McKinney sings his own, slightly altered version of Foxy Lady.

Joe Flesci July 23, 2002

Lately, every time I see a Think video I realize that I've been missing some terrific skate footage. Dedication serves as a reminder as to why I should pay more attention to Think videos. I know it sounds like I'm an ass kisser, but Dan Drehobl's part is stupendous! Now, I feel like I probably shouldn't have been surprised. The other aspect of Dedication that's different than most new videos is the lack of egos. Think isn't there to sell people's attitudes or lifestyles on their videos, just the goddamn skating.

Joe Flesci

OneLoveJamDown April 14, 2004

Think has always had a solid core of great, mostly underground skaters. For Dedication, their third full-length video, the stable is bursting with style and talent. Wade Speyer, Diego Bucchieri, Dan Drehobl, Jesse Paez, Phil Shao (R.I.P.) and the legendary Pat Duffy all on one team? What a treat! There are neither gimmicks nor art pretense in this video; the skating speaks for itself and it has a lot to say. My jaw hit the floor when I saw a few of these tricks like Pat Duffy backside tailsliding on the China banks, Drehobl grabbing stalefish out of a frontside bluntslide, the Butcher backside 180-ing Wallenberg and dropping a kfbsts on the Hubba ledge (maybe my favorite Hubba trick on tape.) I can't say anything bad about this video. Even Tim McKenney singing "Foxy Lady" during his part works for a reason that eludes me. Maybe his frontside lipslide on the China Banks redeems him. Dedication is probably too low-key to be a classic but it definitely fires me up for a session.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Diego "The Butcher" Bucchieri
Pete "The Ox" Colpits
Dan Drehobl
Pat Duffy
Tim McKenney
Pancho Moler
Jesse Paez
Phil Shao
Wade Speyer
Paul Zuanich

Also Appearing:
Shawn Connelly
Corey Duffel
Jimmy Henderson
Paul Leung
Brett Margaritas
Ibon Marino
Zac Martin
Jake Nunn
Joel Price
Marc Weber
Justin "Ears" Williams
Dustin Zimmerman

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Dedication, check out the soundtrack for it.

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