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Ol Bushie poo likes it in the pooper. George Bush Jr. Says...
"I'm so stupid, when I hear a snow blower I pull my pants down."

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Video Trading
List the videos that you have and trade for ones you don't. Please let everybody know about the quality of the videos. (369 posts)

Filming Techniques
Technical questions regarding filming your buddies. Talk about cameras, lenses, editing and all the things you need to know to shoot your own videos. (38 posts)

Trick Tips
Help the new kids out there with your skateboarding know how. (73 posts)

Post links to your own website or something of skateboarding interest. No porn you perverts! (65 posts)

Post songs and questions regarding skateboarding music here. (622 posts)

Releasing a new video? Having a ramp jam in your backyard? Start hyping it up here. (33 posts)

For Sale
Got anything for sale? Got an eBay auction out there? Tell everybody about it. (164 posts)

Shit Talkers
For all of you pussies that sit around on a computer late at night and have nothing to do but talk shit to other zit faced pussies. (378 posts)

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